Board of Directors

The CNPS Board of Directors is comprised of directors appointed from each of CNPS' member jurisdictions, the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Nurses Associaton and the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Nurses Protective Society.

The current directors of the CNPS Board are:

Mary Ellen Gurnham

Mary Ellen Gurnham, President
Nova Scotia

David Kline, Vice President

Brianne Timpson
Northwest Territories

Peggy Martens

Claire Mills

Monique Cormier-Daigle
New Brunswick

Marilyn Barrett
Prince Edward Island

Denise Durfy-Sheppard
Newfoundland and Labrador

Jackie MacLaren

Julie Fraser

Julie Fraser
British Columbia

Anne Sutherland Boal, ex-officio
CEO, Canadian Nurses Association

Chantal Léonard, ex-officio
CEO, Canadian Nurses Protective Society

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