CNPS 2019 Fee Requirement for ARNM members

Dear ARNM member,

Every year, the CNPS reviews its fee requirement for the upcoming membership year, taking into account the needs of our beneficiaries, changes in the legal environment, and the demand for our professional liability protection and legal assistance.

After four years of fee stability, the CNPS Board of Directors has determined that a fee increase is necessary for the 2019 registration period.  The 2019 fee requirement for an RN will be $48.00 annually, which represents an increase of $14.00 over the 2018 fee requirement. The 2019 fee requirement for an NP will be $122.50 annually, an increase of $37.00 over the 2018 fee requirement.  A further increase of $37 is contemplated for NPs in 2020.  

The fee increase is directly related to the increased number of claims, higher demand for consultation services and educational presentations, as well as the complexity of cases. By adopting this fee setting strategy, CNPS can ensure continued, long-term provision of professional liability protection and legal services for nurse members.

The NP fee adjustment is the result of a more exhaustive review of NP liability risks and needs for legal services in light of their expanding scope of practice and changes in their practice environment, including primary care. The CNPS opted to implement the results of this review using an incremental approach, which is expected to extend into 2020.

As a member of ARNM, you are eligible for the following services from the CNPS, in respect of matters arising from nursing practice: 

  • Up to $10 million in professional liability protection
  • Up to $1 million in legal assistance for the defence of criminal prosecutions and investigations
  • Up to $1 million in legal assistance for the defence of an alleged statutory breach, such as child protection, human rights, motor vehicle or privacy legislation
  • Legal assistance for other matters related to nursing practice such as representation at a Coroner’s inquest or public inquiry
  • Other proceedings in which you may be called as a witness
  • Unlimited access to professional legal or risk management advice, including pre-contractual review of agreements for the provision of nursing services and participation in medical assistance in dying
  • Risk management services, individually or as a group, including educational material on a wide range of subjects and risk management presentations and webinars

This list is not exhaustive.  The CNPS aims to provide early advice or assistance, as appropriate, to prevent formal claims or investigations, whenever possible.  If you wish to receive legal support or understand your legal obligations in specific circumstances, please contact the CNPS at 1-800-267-3390.

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Chantal Léonard


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