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CNPS Supplementary Protection. Plan ahead.

As a nurse, you hope to never receive a complaint about your care. If you plan ahead and apply for Supplementary Protection, you can also be eligible for CNPS assistance in the event of a complaint to your nursing regulator.

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Why did CNPS create the Supplementary Protection program?

What is CNPS Supplementary Protection?

As a CNPS beneficiary who is currently eligible for core services, which include professional liability protection, you have the option to apply for Supplementary Protection, which expands the circumstances in which you can seek assistance from the CNPS. With CNPS Supplementary Protection, you will be eligible for the following:

More details:

Conditions of eligibility:

There are prerequisites to your eligibility for assistance under the Supplementary Protection program:


How much does Supplementary Protection cost?

The 2019 annual fee for CNPS Supplementary Protection is $105 plus applicable taxes (GST/HST).

NOTE: The protection period is based on a calendar year. The protection begins on or after the date of application, depending on your selected protection dates, and ends on December 31.

Applying for CNPS Supplementary Protection

To apply for CNPS Supplementary Protection, please answer the following questions:

Q. What is the primary province or territory of your nursing practice?

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