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Before the webinar:

What webinars are coming up?

View the list of upcoming webinars.


What are the technical requirements?

Effective August 29, 2019, the technical requirements to watch a CNPS webinar have simplified. Laptop and desktop computer users may now join a webinar using an internet browser or the Adobe Connect application.

When logging in, you may be asked where you want to open the room, with options to Open in browser or Open in Application, as shown below.

Adobe Connect pop-up message

If you do not have the Adobe Connect application, you may choose open in browser.

Audio will be delivered through the computer, so you will need a set of computer speakers or headphones. Most laptops have built-in speakers.

If you chose "Open in browser" and encounter any technical difficulties, you may wish to log out and select "Open in Application" instead.


Is it possible to watch a webinar from a mobile device?

Yes. You will need to download the Adobe Connect app from Google Play (Android devices) or iTunes (iOS devices).

Download and install the app, but do not open it yet. If you have opened the app, please close it.

Tap on the webinar login link in your confirmation or reminder email to have the link open in a web browser. If applicable, enter your email address (it may be a part of the link and not need to be entered). On the screen that comes up next, select "Open Adobe Connect Mobile" and the webinar will open in the app.

If you are prompted to enter a meeting URL, this means the app was opened before clicking on the link from your email. Close out of the app, then tap on the webinar login link and follow the instructions in the last paragraph.

If you encounter audio or video quality issues with a mobile device, it may be you have a slow internet connection. If you have access to a computer, you may wish to watch the webinar on there instead.


I registered several days ago and do not yet have my confirmation email. Why not?

Please check your junk mail or contact us at 1-800-267-3390 if you do not receive a confirmation email within 3 business days after registering. If the confirmation is not in your junk mail, it may be that the email address was entered incorrectly.


What time is the webinar in my time zone?

As CNPS is located in Ottawa, Ontario, CNPS webinars are listed on the CNPS website in Eastern time. When you view the event on the Adobe Connect website, it will usually display in your time zone.

The confirmation email lists the event in Eastern time. We send reminders 48 hours before and on the day of the webinar. The reminder emails list the time of the webinar in other time zones across Canada. You may also check the time of the webinar in your city at


What is the cost?

Webinars are free for CNPS beneficiaries and nursing students. 

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During the webinar:

Why am I getting a notice the webinar room is full?

You may be trying to enter the webinar room too early. If you receive this message, close your browser and try again closer to the start time of the webinar.

We suggest you log into the webinar 10-15 minutes before the start of the webinar. If you attempt to log on earlier than this, you may see this message.


Why is the link not working?

If the link is not clickable, you may need to copy and paste it into your browser address bar. If this is still not working, you may wish to try another browser.


Why am I hearing an echo?

It is likely that more than once instance of the webinar running. To fix this, close any duplicate webinar sessions until you do not hear the echo anymore. If you close from the webinar altogether, click once on the link to go back in.


Why don't I hear sound?

Check if you can hear sound from other websites such as YouTube. If you do not hear sounds from other sites, try checking your volume settings and whether your speakers are plugged in.

If you can hear sound from other websites, the problem is usually fixed by closing out of the webinar and going back in again.

If you have more than one audio output available, you can try selecting the speaker icon, then Select Speaker, and choose a different speaker.

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After the webinar:

May I get a certificate of attendance?

We send out a thank you email the day following a webinar. The thank you email includes the webinar title, date of the webinar, a brief description and the duration, and is only sent to nurses who attend. It can be kept for your professional development records.


I missed the webinar. Will it be offered again?

It depends on the topic. Some topics such as documentation, social media and learn about CNPS are offered regularly. Other topics such as legal risks for new grads, independent practice and privacy are offered at least once per year.

Visit the Upcoming Webinars page for a list of what's coming up.


May I watch the webinar on demand or get handouts?

Because the law is subject to change, we generally do not offer replays on demand at this point, nor are PowerPoint handouts available.

If you are looking to book a webinar or live presentation for a group, please visit the Request an Educational Session page for more information.

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Do you require any other assistance?

For technical assistance with a webinar, please call us at 1-800-267-3390 or send an email to

If you have a question about CNPS protection or services, or would like legal advice, please call us at 1-800-267-3390 or send an email to

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Webinaires à venir

Webinaires à venir