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The Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) is a not-for-profit organization that provides professional liability protection, legal assistance, and risk management services to more than 130,000 eligible nurses in Canada.

CNPS beneficiaries can also apply for optional Supplementary Protection to be eligible for assistance in the event of a complaint to their nursing regulator. It includes up to $50,000 of coverage if the complaint results in a referral to a disciplinary hearing.


The CNPS Advantage:

  • A Proven Track Record: The CNPS has been providing professional liability protection to nurses in Canada for over 30 years.

  • Comprehensive Legal Support: The CNPS provides comprehensive legal support to help you navigate the broad range of legal issues that can arise in your practice. We can extend assistance in different types of legal proceedings, from claims and civil proceedings, to human rights complaints, investigations under privacy legislation, child protection legislation, protection of persons in care legislation, inquests, public inquiries and witness appearances. CNPS protection also generally extends to allegations of breach of privacy, abuse, defamation, which are often excluded from commercial professional liability coverage. 

    Are you facing a situation that is not expressly contained in that list? A military board of inquiry? The theft of your prescription pad? We know that your practice is unpredictable and that legal issues cannot all be contained in a pre-established list.

    The CNPS is structured to act as your legal resource as you navigate the complexities of modern health care. While we cannot provide a solution to every problem, the CNPS can assist in a wide range of unexpected circumstances where your professional integrity may be threatened or where legal support is needed to address a patient safety concern. 
  • Duration of Protection: CNPS services are occurrence-based, which means that there is no time limit on the protection we provide. If a claim arises from care you provided while you were a CNPS beneficiary and you were duly licensed at the time, you are generally eligible for CNPS assistance in the normal course no matter when the claim is commenced.

  • Assistance and Oversight Every Step of the Way: When we extend assistance, we provide funding and oversee your legal defence from the moment we arrange for your legal representation, whether it is in the context of a civil proceeding, a criminal prosecution* or other forms of legal proceedings.

  • Confidential Legal Advice: CNPS beneficiaries receive legal advice and assistance on demand. They can call anytime to speak to a lawyer with years of experience in health law to receive legal advice, assistance and support relating to their nursing practice.

  • Education and Risk Management: The CNPS provides a wide range of group workshops, webinars and online resources designed to reduce risk in your practice and help prevent patient harm.

  • Individual pan-Canadian protection: The CNPS offers individual professional liability protection that will respond to claims commenced anywhere in Canada and satisfies all regulatory requirements. There is no group or shared limit of protection.

  • Our discretionary assistance is a unique and flexible approach to providing professional liability protection, modeled on the professional liability protection relied upon by Canadian physicians for more than a hundred years. The CNPS is not an insurance company. It considers each request for assistance on an individual basis. This allows the CNPS to effectively provide professional liability protection and respond to a wide range of other circumstances, including, but not limited to, the legal circumstances listed at

  • Created by Nurses for Nurses: The CNPS is a legal support system for nurses and a recognized leader in providing professional liability protection. Created as a not-for profit society in 1988, the CNPS does not profit financially from the fees it receives. All resources are dedicated to providing legal support to the nursing profession.

* As an exception to its usual practice, the CNPS will generally decline to provide assistance in a criminal prosecution where the beneficiary has previously been convicted of a criminal offence related to the practice of nursing. In this case, the beneficiary would remain eligible to seek assistance of the CNPS at the conclusion of the proceedings if all charges have been successfully defended.


CNPS Services Include:

  • Assistance with legal proceedings including:
  • Claims and civil proceedings (up to $10 million per claim)
  • Criminal investigations and prosecutions (up to $1 million per occurrence)
  • Statutory offences (up to $1 million per occurrence) including investigations of alleged human rights infringements, privacy breaches and violations of legal obligations under child protection or “protection for persons in care” legislation
  • Witness appearances (including coroners’ or medical examiners’ investigations and more)
  • Review of professional service agreements
  • Risk-management and education services to help nurses reduce risk in their practice
  • (Optional) Supplementary Protection to assist with regulatory matters, including complaints and fitness-to-practise hearings
  • (Optional) CNPS Business Plus, a program sponsored by the CNPS, designed for nurses in independent practice who are looking for business insurance options

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