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The CNPS Welcomes Registered Psychiatric Nurses from British Columbia

Effective November 1, 2018, registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs) who are duly registered to practise with the newly formed British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP) will become CNPS beneficiaries.  

As CNPS beneficiaries, in addition to the support made available by their employer, BC RPNs will have access to a broad range of CNPS core services. These generally include comprehensive professional liability protection, legal advice, risk management and legal educational sessions and workshops, and a broad range of legal proceedings arising from nursing practice.  

“We are so pleased to welcome BC registered psychiatric nurses to the CNPS family,” said Chantal Léonard, Chief Executive Officer of the CNPS. “At this time of greater understanding of the need for mental health, the CNPS is looking forward to supporting BC’s registered psychiatric nurses in the provision of care to their patients.” 

For more information about CNPS services, please visit https://cnps.ca/welcome-BC-RPN or call 1-800-267-3390.

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