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Upcoming Webinar: Working in the Addictions Field: A Unique Context for the Application of Health Law Principles

This webinar will introduce attendees to some of the legal principles that are applicable to situations that nurses working in the addictions field may encounter.
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Upcoming Webinar: Documentation: The Nurse, The Chart and The Law

Properly documenting patient encounters is both a legal and professional requirement that contributes to safe patient care and good clinical communications. Documentation has always been considered a critical nursing fundamental, but it has taken on increased importance in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape. Learn about how documentation may be used in a legal context.
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Are you Transitioning from Another Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) Program?

If you previously acquired your professional liability protection pursuant to a claims-made policy or through a commercial PLI provider, your earlier protection may no longer apply to claims arising from past events. The CNPS recommends that you speak with a Legal Advisor to determine if there could be a gap in protection that could be bridged through retroactive protection.
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