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May Webinar: Working with Unregulated Care Providers

As nursing shortages continue to impact health care across Canada, unregulated care providers are being brought in to fill the gaps, creating unique opportunities for collaboration. This webinar will provide an overview of various aspects of working with unregulated care providers, including teaching, delegation, assignment, and supervision, and will focus on best practices and risk-management...
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Ask a Lawyer: Working with unregulated care providers

What are the liability risks for nurses who work with unregulated care providers in collaborative care teams?
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Ask a Lawyer: Delegation and assignment

I am the charge nurse at a medical inpatient unit of a hospital. I work with registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) but now the hospital has announced there will be a health-care aide (HCA) on our unit. She will be replacing one of the LPNs. As the charge nurse, I will have...
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