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Upcoming Webinar: Nursing Across Jurisdictions

The pandemic has increased the number of nurses who practice across jurisdictions, whether through virtual care or in-person. As services can be provided as an employee or through self-employment, there are unique legal considerations related to a multi-jurisdictional practice to be aware of.    This webinar will look at licensing requirements, scope of practice considerations, privacy...
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Twelve Things to Consider Before Joining a Virtual Care Practice

Health-care professionals across the provinces and territories are united in their efforts to provide Canadians infected with COVID-19 with safe, accessible, and timely medical attention. At the same time, Canadians continue to require the advice of health-care professionals to meet their day-to-day medical needs. Virtual care technologies (such as videoconferencing, virtual care apps messaging apps,...
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Telepractice InfoLAW

“Telepractice” is the delivery, management and coordination of care and services provided via information and telecommunication technologies such as telephones, personal digital assistants, faxes, the Internet, video and audio conferencing and other devices. Telepractice is rapidly expanding, as are the technologies that accompany it. While telepractice was historically an extension of traditional care models, it...
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