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As a nurse, you hope to never receive a complaint about your care. When it happens, you can turn to CNPS.

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What does CNPS Supplementary Protection include?

CNPS beneficiaries who are currently eligible for core services, which include professional liability protection, now have the option to register for Supplementary Protection which generally includes:

Assistance with regulatory matters regarding your nursing care ("College complaints"):

This assistance is made available on an occurrence basis. This means that by registering for CNPS Supplementary Protection, you will remain eligible for CNPS assistance in the course of the investigation of a complaint to your regulatory body (before any referral to a Disciplinary or Fitness-to-Practise Committee) as long as you were duly authorized to practise nursing and were registered for CNPS Supplementary Protection when you provided the nursing services. Assistance is discretionary and will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Assistance with disciplinary and fitness-to-practise hearings:

This assistance extends to complaints for which you have received assistance from the CNPS and that have been formally referred to a Disciplinary Committee, Board of Inquiry, Fitness-to-Practise Committee or other equivalent tribunal for determination. It is made available through a partnership with an insurer, on a claims-made basis. It will provide you with coverage for disciplinary or fitness-to-practise legal expenses (up to $50,000 per year), regarding complaints referred for a hearing and resulting from nursing services you provide while you are registered for CNPS Supplementary Protection.


CNPS Supplementary Protection does not extend to regulatory matters (College complaints) that have been initiated at the time of the application for Supplementary Protection or that result from nursing services provided on the date of or before the application for Supplementary Protection.

How much does Supplementary Protection cost?

The annual fee for CNPS Supplementary Protection is $85 plus applicable taxes (GST/HST).

Registering for CNPS Supplementary Protection

To register for CNPS Supplementary Protection, please answer the following questions:

Q. What is the primary province or territory of your nursing practice?

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