Reminder: Urgent Legal Information Available

Nursing practice is fast-paced and unpredictable. Unfortunately, this means that problems and complications may occur at any time – often when you are unable to access legal advice. For example, you may have been contacted by the police with a question about a patient or an ongoing investigation and are wondering how to respond. Alternatively, you may have experienced an incident in your practice that requires immediate response or intervention.

For this reason, the CNPS has prepared legal information that is available to nurses when they are in need of urgent guidance outside regular business hours. This information is available online and outlines steps you can take to minimize your potential liability or legal risks in certain urgent circumstances, including the following:

  • In the event of a police or criminal investigation
  • If an adverse event or incident occurs in your nursing practice
  • In the event of an inquiry from your nursing regulator (College or association)

Nurses should note that this information is not intended to replace legal advice.

CNPS beneficiaries are encouraged to contact the CNPS at their earliest opportunity if they face any of these circumstances or require urgent legal advice.


Published May 2018